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NH - MA based.
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Hi there! My name is Julianna D'Agati, a former dancer and model living out of a small town  near Boston Ma. Im currently a 19 year old college student, travelling the USA while doing what I love. I have gained expierience behind and infront of the camera for the past 6 years while taking dance (technique) and modeling for dancewear lines. After retiring from dance at the age of 17 I began my own photography business. I have worked with a variety of different people and brands such as the Dance Moms casts to dance recitals as well as a number of  brands like Ivory Ella, LimeLight Team Wear and Izzy Be Apparel. Photography has always been a passion of mine since the age of 13 and Im so unbelievably greatful that it's such a large part of my everyday life. All of my work can be found on my Instagram Platform: @Julianna.d.photography - @Jewel.dancer
- Thank you for taking your time to look into my photography, I hope that one day I can meet everyone and create with you all! 
- For inquires a DM on instagram for faster replies
- Email [email protected]